To the Right Reverend Platon, Archbishop of the Aleutian Islands and North America

From the deacon of the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas in the Port of Emperor Alexander III, Vladimir Sakovich


Humble Petition


Having served 9 years as a teacher of the two-grade parish school, and four and a half years in the rank of a deacon, I would like to dedicate the strength of my youth to missionary activities in the diocese entrusted to your Eminence.

Having already secured your archpastoral word last Fall, I humbly petition Your Eminence to confer on me a priestly rank and appoint me to one of the parishes of the flock entrusted to your care.

To this I attach a copy of my service record.


The humble servant of Your Eminence,

Deacon Vladimir Sakovich

Port of Emperor Alexander III (Libava)


22 Aug. 1913. Offer to deacon Vl. Sakovich the position of priest in the Orthodox parish in the city of Regina, in the State of Pennsylvania. Send him this resolution that he take it to Riga, to the Archbishop for his ordination to the priesthood, about which I am sending a letter to the Right Reverend John.

After the ordination, Fr. Sakovich may go to Petersburg to receive the travel money, about which I wrote to the Holy Synod.

A. Platon.