Father Sebastian Dabovich, Home from Battlefields, Hopeful of Future of Warring States




Clergyman Thinks Result Will Be "United States of Europe"


After more than a year’s absence from San Francisco, during which time he traveled through all parts of the Balkans as a volunteer nurse and chaplain, Father Sebastian Dabovich, head of Servian orthodox churches in the United States, is spending a few days in this city with friends, but will leave shortly for New York.

Prior to 1906 Father Dabovich was connected with the Russian Catholic church in San Francisco.

"The outcome of the present fighting in the Balkans will be the formation of a confederacy including Servia, Greece, Bulgaria, Roumania and Montenegro," said Father Dabovich last night. "This confederacy will eventually become the United States of Europe. It will be the culmination of a century of hope, particularly on the part of the Serbs.

"The country was fast settling down when I left eight weeks ago. On the ashes are being builded new homes and cities and a greater nation will be the ultimate result.

"Nicholas Pasich, prime minister of Servia, is a great man: in fact, a genius. It was his brain that conceived the Balkan confederacy, and all his efforts are centered on perpetuating the idea.

"The allied armies fought under great physical obstacles and lost very heavily. When I left Belgrade a new army was being drafted of the youths of the country ranging from 18 years upward.

"Conditions there now are very hopeful. Bulgaria is being punished, but I believe eventually will come into the confederacy and help to strengthen the union."


The San Francisco Call, Tuesday, August 5, 1913, p. 6:1