Vasili Dvornikof and Woman Arrested in Buenos Aires on Warrant of Alexandrof




Mystery surrounds Identity of His Companion; Not Archpriest’s Wife, Says Her Sister


Vasili Dvornikof, Russian priest, who is charged with the theft of $19,000, belonging to his superior, the Rev. Archpriest Vladimir Alexandrof, rector of the Holy Trinity Cathedral, 1520 Green street, has been arrested in Buenos Aires, according to word received through the State Department.

A woman is with Dvornikof, according to this message.

Mrs. A. Constantine, 834 Cabrillo street. sister of Alexandrof, who is now in the East, said last night that this woman is not Mrs. Alexandrof.

"Mrs. Alexandrof never ran away with Dvornikof," she said. "She is now on her way home from Russia, where she went to find her husband after financial trouble came to her."

When the State Department, through Governor Stephens, was asked to cause Dvornikof’s arrest, affidavits were filed from Chief White stating that Dvornikof sailed from New York August 16 with Mrs. Alexandrof.

The message received yesterday does not state how much of the $19,000 is left. This is the sum that Dvornikof is said to have taken with him, the savings of Alexandrof, who was in Russia on an educational mission at the time.

The message from Secretary Lansing was forwarded from the Governor’s office at Sacramento. It is as follows:

"Ambassador at Buenos Aires cables that Dvornikof has been arrested and requests that extradition papers be sent immediately. The woman is being cared for by the embassy. She has promised to return by next steamer and Russian consul will issue her passport."

The San Francisco Police Department is asked to prepare all the necessary documents to accompany the extradition papers.

Dvornikof is under indictment here on the charge of grand larceny. His accuser is the Archpriest Alexandrof. He is also charged with the theft of a quantity of shoes.

Dvornikof was in charge of the Holy Trinity Cathedral during his superior’s absence in Russia last summer. When Alexandrof returned here October 1 he found a deserted home. He had received high church honors in Russia and had good news to tell his wife, who had been his companion for twenty years. But she had gone.

The San Francisco Examiner, Thursday, November 8, 1917, p. 12:1