Extradition of Vasili Dvornikoff, Russian priest, from Buenos Aires on a charge of grand larceny alleged to have been committed here will be opposed before Governor Stephens on Monday by James H. Thomas, counsel for the priest.

Thomas contends that if Dvornikoff is guilty of any crime it is of obtaining goods under false pretenses growing out of a business transaction in shoes in which Thomas says his client acted as interpreter between a man named Nikolenko and the Cahn, Nickelsburg Shoe Company of San Francisco during the early months of this year. Thomas says the crime is not extraditable under the treaty between Brazil and the United States.

It will be represented to Governor Stephens that the police have no evidence to substantiate the grand larceny charge.

With Dvornikoff in Buenos Aires is a woman supposed to be Mrs. Alexandrof, wife of the Rev. Archpriest Vladimir Alexandrof, with whom he is said to have left the country. Alexandrof found his wife strangely missing on his return from Russia. His bank account of $19,000 was also gone.

The San Francisco Examiner, Sunday, November 11, 1917, p. 11:6