Case No. 8606

Vol. 9

Page 253

Dept. 6



Accomplice: Nickolen, Fred. No attorney listed.

GRAND LARCENY: stole $434 worth of shoes from Cahn Nickisburg & Co., 300 Mission St.

23 OCTOBER 1917: indicted (actions in 1921, 19 legalese: doesn’t show if convicted or sentences)

Contains 30 pp. of testimony transcript before Grand Jury: "Reverend V. Dvornikoff" introduced and interpreted for Nikolen at the shoe store, they bought $934 worth of shoes, paying $500 cash, delivered to a store on 880 Deharo. Dvornikoff returned and got $25.00 commission. Balance due 30 days later, when collector went to 880 Deharo and found no one there. Deputy watched the address for 2-3 days, then broke in. Found only empty shoe boxes inside. Deputy then visited Dvornikoff at his home on 1520 Green St. There, Dvornikoff claimed that he only acted as Nickolen’s interpreter at the show store. It also comes out that at Eiler’s phonograph Co., they bought $300 worth of records, leaving $25 down. Dvornikoff (card also spells as Drovinkoff) ran off to Buenos Aires with the wife of a Rev. Alexandroff, and with the shoes. Alexandroff is Arch Priest of the Russian Orthodox Church, and lives at 834 Cabrillo, Richmond District, and has been in US for 22 years. Dvorikoff (this spelling too) is also a priest. Alexandroff’s wife took all their money, $20,000, when she ran off with Dvornikoff.