12 Jan. 1918

1520 Green St.

San Francisco, Cal.

Deeply esteemed and dear Father Archpriest,

Soon, it will be a week since I arrived in San Francisco. It is warm here. They walk around without coats; lots of green and flowers; wonderful parks, trees in blossom, although there are still no leaves on some of them. This time, January, is similar to the end of April — beginning of May in the middle zone of Russian.

All would be beautiful, if only the condition in which I found the parish, wasn’t so joyless. The situation cries out for rescue. You, of course, know about the financial condition of the San Francisco Cathedral and about that ten thousand [dollars] for which the Cathedral is mortgaged. At the Italian American Bank they told me that they sent several letters to the Consistory about the payment of %%, but as of now they still have not received any reply. They are very offended. Please write them a few words of consolation, otherwise it is a calamity.

I am still getting acquainted with the public; there is a very little trust after all that has happened and occurred here, and it is necessary to restore the former glory of the Cathedral church of our Hierarchs.

Greetings to the most esteemed Ekaterina....

With love, your servant,

Priest Vlad. Sakovich

Translated from the Russian and published in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, January 1998