Baptism and Marriage Edict Meaningless in America,

Says Dean Sakovich


As far as the Russian Orthodox church in North America is concerned, the recent edict of the Bolshevik Government forbidding the church to perform marriages and conduct baptisms will be entirely ignored, according to Dean Vladimir Sakovich of Holy Trinity Cathedral here.

The church on this continent, he explained yesterday, acknowledges no authority at present but the ecclesiastical, and no temporal power in Russia can limit the holy tenets of the church in regard to the sacraments of marriage and baptism. The threats of the Bolsheviki against priests who persist in performing these rites are also regarded as meaningless to the church in America.

"The law of the United States," said Dean Vladimir Sakovich, "guarantees us freedom in the performance of our religious duties, and under this protection we shall continue to celebrate our sacred rites for the benefit of those of the orthodox religion."

The San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, February 17, 1918, p. E5:8