27 March 1918

San Francisco


Your Grace, dear Vladyko,


Why hast thou forsaken me? Dear Vladyka, our dear father, why did you forget us? You exiled us to sweet California and left me here alone. With whom can I keep council? Before whom can I unburden my heart now? Who will bring us some joy, even for a little while? Who will tell us something "didactic" from the life of Toth? O, if only we lived closer, you would not forget us! Still, we console ourselves with the hope that after the [All-American] Council you will come to us; then our days will be bright again. Just let Your promises and our hopes be not in vain.

One can see from the papers that the entire Mission desires to see you elected [as the primate of the Church]; so when will the children have the happiness of greeting their father as an archbishop?

I heard that Fr. Metrophanes is planing to leave Montreal, why so soon? And the archimandrite wants to leave W., doesn’t he? It’s always only troubles with these [...?]. They already bring to you so much chagrin from everywhere, and here I am pushing forward with my problems. But, my dear Master, don’t leave your son without fatherly instructions, and we will labor for Holy Orthodoxy as Stephen in Halifax.

Asking for your prayers and blessing.

Humble and obedient servant and always faithfully yours


Priest Vladimir Sakovich

[PS] Enclosed is $15.00 — collection for the Mission taken only on Annunciation: your appeal came late.

Did you receive my registered letter?

Translated from the Russian and published in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 5, No. 7, March 1998.