To His Grace the Right Reverend Bishop Alexander




As a supplement to my report on the condition of the parish entrusted to my care, I have the honor of informing Your Grace that the parish’s situation have change very little for the better. The majority of the parishioners are Serbs, who, in the course of past few years, have become completely indifferent towards the church and have lost all interest in the life of the parish.

Soon after my arrival to San Francisco in February, I was able, although with some difficulties, to enlist the Serbian and Russian communities’ involvement in parish affairs, because at that time there was the real danger that the church property would be sold at auction. Since July of last year, none of the interest owed had been paid to the American Italian Bank, who holds the mortgage. At the very first parish meeting, after the committee was elected, it was resolved to request from Your Grace that the deed to the church property be written, not only in the name of the Archbishop, but in the name of the trustees also.

At the present time, approximately $500 has been paid: $350 to the bank as interest on the mortgage; to the city as taxes for the rectory for 1916 — $64 and for 1917 — $49. My predecessors did not bother to pay the required taxes and the land was already sold to the State; thanks to these payments, it has again been transferred to the owner. In April we resumed the insurance of the Cathedral and house. Since there are no means, the salary to the priest is not being issued.

When I was collecting the said sum, I often heard several bitter remarks: the church has been in debt for already 11 years; more than $6,000 has already been paid just as interest on this debt. But, in 1907, the money from the sale of the old cathedral and land was taken by the Diocesan authorities. So, the parishioners say that they are tired of paying, especially when the Committee sent its request but never received a reply.

In order to raise and bolster the low spirits of the parishioners, I ask Your Grace to fulfill your promise to visit us and with your fiery words to resurrect the former hierarchical pulpit to its previous glory.

The humble servant of Your Grace,


Priest Vladimir Sakovich


Resolution of the Bishop Alexander (Nemolovsky):

4/17 July, 1918.

The Diocesan authorities took $12,000 for the seminary with the permission of the Holy Synod, which with its means built the old cathedral. I will be in S. Francisco without fail.

Bp. A.