Aim of Alliance and Society is to Rear Educational Tabernacle in Moscow




Plans Include Rehabilitation to Take Place of Abolished Greek Church


CHICAGO, July 13.— A great religious drive for the redemption of Russia is the aim of the Alliance for Evangelizing Russia, which has been formed here at a general conference of delegates from all parts of the United States and Canada.

An Alliance, in co-operation with the Russian Missionary and Educational Society, recently incorporated in Pennsylvania, is intended to form the hub of the movement in which similar societies in America, France, England, Sweden, Denmark and other nations will participate, according to officers now working out details of the big campaign to be opened early next autumn.


Moscow will be the clearing-house of the proposed giant revival. In that city it is planned to rear a tabernacle at a cost of $300,000 and surround it with a group of educational and vocational schools ranging from kindergartens to colleges. Two orphanages for war children and a training school large enough for 2000 students, who will be used in the task of spiritualizing Russia, are included in the plans.

"At last we have found our way clear financially to begin the great task of redeeming Russia," said Pastor William Fetler of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, who is training 100 men who will go with him to Russia to take up the work under the direction of an executive board representing the various societies.


"Russia, hungry for religion, is like a vast field ready for planting. The Greek church, more a police system than a church, against whose power four years ago all attacks were futile, has been abolished and its property seized by the radicals. Russia was more religious in the old days than she is now. It was a religion, however, that did not inspire or liberate. The present regime is without religion.

"A coalition government is coming, a democracy like the United States. In a few months, perhaps in September, the revolution will begin to bear genuine fruit, and the real leaders of the people will go into control. Then will the big Russian soul seek spiritual consolation."



In the religious campaign, the English language will be taught alongside the Russian language, Pastor Felter said, "for the Russians already realize the high place your language now takes in the world."

The late Gregory Rasputin, the "evil genius of Russia," four years ago brought about the exile to Siberia of Pastor Fetler for his gospel teachings, but later the sentence was commuted to "banishment abroad."

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