LONDON, May 5 (correspondence of the Associated Press). -- The Bolsheviki are seeking to destroy religion by bringing it into contempt.

Mock Marriage Between Priest and Mare Held

According to a message from Reuter’s correspondent at Ekaterinodar, they conducted in a church with all ceremonial a mock marriage between an aged priest and mare. The choir was forced under threats of death to sing the Psalms and canticles of the Liturgy.

Among the official publications of the Moscow Soviet is a parody in verse of the church funeral service, supposed to be performed over the body of a dog. The Moscow Soviet also has issued a pamphlet depicting the supposed orgies of priests.

In another church in the Northern Caucasus a bayonet was thrust through an ikon in such a way as to bore a hole in the mouth of Christ, and a cigarette was put in the hole. Below were inscribed some odious words.

Bones of Two Saints Exhumed by Bolshevists

A Moscow dispatch says that the Bolshevik leaders, in order to shake the faith of the masses, have caused the exhumation of the bones of Saint Tikhon and Saint Mitrofan.

There is said to be a growing movement among the religious elements in Russia to bring about a protest of all churches of the world against the Bolshevik violations of religion. The Metropolitan of Odessa may go abroad soon on behalf of the project.

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