9 July — 1919

San Francisco, Calif.

Worthily esteemed and dear Father Archpriest,

I am enclosing with this: a) the letter of an Orthodox American, Scofield, who requests reception into the Orthodox Church for an Anglican Priest, and b) a letter from Father Van Derlin himself demonstrating his desire to be in the Orthodox communion.

Speak to Vladyka about this and please let me know the opinion of Vladyka and advise me what he, i.e., the Rev. Van Derlin, needs to do.

We all are healthy, thanks be to God. It’s hot in your area, but it’s cold and windy here. However, it’s like this only in San Francisco , but across the bay and beyond the mountains the climate is different -- there's warm and "seasonable weather" there.

Next Thursday, on the 10th of this month, there will be a parish meeting about the transfer of the church's ownership and buying it from the bank. I have no idea how it will go: the Serbs are trying but the Russians are apathetic.

What news will the Metropolitan bring? May God help us to restore the order in our Mission.

Greetings to your house folk.

Yours truly,

Priest Vladimir Sakovich

Translated from Russian and published in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 6, No. 11, July 1999