July 17/30, 1919

San Francisco

Very Reverend Father Archpriest,

I am deeply touched by your attention, and thank you for remembering me. On July 15 you too have someone who celebrates his nameday: may God grant him happiness and success in everything. Your Volodya [dim. for Vladimir] is a big boy already; it has been long since I have seen them, i.e., him and Vanya [dim. for Ivan]. And Kolya [dim. for Nicholas] must be running already? How come you are not spending this summer in Tenefly?

Because of financial difficulties, I propose to rent the church house and will myself settle somewhere in the suburbs where I can rent a cheap bungalow: Thus I would make ends meet. For example, Fr. [Alexander] Vyacheslavov did the same thing in Seattle, i.e., he rents his apartment as separate rooms, while he himself lives in the basement.

Paying off the church’s mortgage goes slowly: not just the Russians but even the Serbs show very little interest, for many of them are preparing to return to their homeland. And so it is like this here: it will neither burn nor draw.

How long will the Metropolitan be in New York? Will he receive "the independents" and other rebels?

I have heard that he is planing to go to Canada and then via S.F. to Siberia.

Many officers, engineers and bureaucrats are leaving for Vladivostok. Your chess partner, Lieutenant Petropavlovsky, is now in Shanghai; he will probably come back. Hieromonk Serapion Voinov, who after his return from France was with you in New York, is now teaching Catechism at the military training school in Vladivostok.

Why do Americans (and who exactly?) protest against the episcopal ordination of [Archimandrite Theophan] Noli? What’s their problem?

All in our family are, thank God, healthy, although both Leonid and Elena need to have their tonsils out.

You have a heat wave out there, while we here are freezing. Today we even lit the stove.

My sincere greeting to Anna Olimpievna and Juliana Alexandrovna. Kisses to the kids.

Devoutly yours,

M[aria] and V[ladimir] Sakovich

Translated from Russian and published in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 6, No. 12, August 1999