Letter of Father Vladimir Sakovich to Archpriest Alexander Kukulevsky, Secretary of the Russian Orthodox Mission of America


Oct. 13, 1919

San Francisco, Cal.


Deeply Esteemed and Dear Fr. Archpriest,

Again I am bothering you with my requests. The problem is that the question has come up of how to interpret an expression in the Council of Presbyters’ reply to the committee of the local parish, dated June 16 of this year: "in your particular case [the church property belongs] to the Parish Committee of the Trinity Cathedral of San Francisco."

Some — the majority — understand it to mean that the church property will be legally transferred to the Parish Committee, without any participation of the archbishop. Others — the minority — interpret it to mean that it is necessary to take into consideration the sentence preceding the quote, i.e., referring to the decision at the Cleveland convention. I ask you to clarify this confusion in Russian.

The money collection is still going on; already we have collected approximately 9 thousands. After the collection is completed, the list will be sent to you. Mostly it is the Serbs who are participating in this.

I received a proposal from Fr. Kozubov from Hartford to trade places. I almost agreed, but lack of means for relocation to the east held me back. I wrote to Fr. Poplavsky who agreed to move from Minneapolis to Hartford, and I — to Minneapolis. But I have an information that Fr. Kozubov will stay where he is. If you happen to know anything about it, please kindly inform me.

Once again, I apologize for bothering you.

Always readily at your service,


Priest Vl. Sakovich

[PS] Will Vladyka Metropolitan travel to Russia via S.F.?