November 1, 1919


Your Reverence, the Very Reverend Fr. Vladimir,


Forgive me for answering your letter with such delay. I am constantly busy with either public affairs or with my personal business, and have had to conduct all correspondence with a delay.

In the communication sent to you on behalf of the Council it was clearly stated that the deed must be reissued precisely as it was determined at the Cleveland Sobor, i.e., in the name of the ruling Archbishop, the Council and the parish council. We can make no exceptions lest confusion begins. Please announce to your people that the deed must be done in this way exactly, and that the interests of the parishioners are absolutely guarded since without their consent no operation over the church property can be undertaken.

What’s new with you? The Metropolitan already left last Saturday on a Russian steamship through Constantinople; he took with him [Fr. Sergei] Snegirev.

Be well. Please give my regards to your esteemed wife. I would like to visit your country: there is something especially attractive in California.


Your obedient servant

A. Kukulevsky