November 19, 1919

To His Eminence the Most Reverend Alexander, Archbishop of North America




I consider it my respectful duty to report to Your Eminence that the problem of buying back the mortgage on church property by the parishioners still remains unresolved. The bank threatens to sell it at auction, because the %% haven’t been paid for 8 months. At the present moment, a collection is being taken in order to pay for the mortgage; we have collected approximately 9 thousand dollars, mostly from the Serbs; so far only 750 dollars have been received from the Russians.

Recently, there was a parish meeting of the Russians and the Serbs. The former were defending the national church heritage. They were pointing out that the church was built with the means of the Russian Synod, and expressed their fear that the Serbs, who have collected more money for the repurchase of the church, may later claim their rights to the property and will become the masters of the situation; especially since the Serbs do not wish the name of the Russian Vladyka to be on the deed, but that he should be just the spiritual leader. As can be seen from the attached clipping from the local Serbian newspaper, in the future, when a Serbian Bishop comes to America, the situation with the churches will change significantly.

In September, from the profits of a concert that they organized, our Sisterhood paid $100 as interest for January and February of this year.

Presently, we are not in the position to pay interest to the bank and are living under the threat of an auction. Couldn’t you, Your Eminence, find it possible to re-mortgage the church property for 12 thousands, 10 thousand of which would go to wipe out the debt, and 2 thousand — to pay the interest in the future. In 2 or 3 years, the price of the land will go up and it would be possible to sell the lot of land with a significant profit, and to transfer the church to a cheaper place.

Rector of the Cathedral,


Priest V. Sakovich

[The resolution of the Archbishop Alexander (Nemolovsky):]

November 24, 1919.

Suggest to Fr. Sakovich that he try to re-mortgage the church for 12,000. But to give it to the Serbs is absolutely impossible. This would be a crime.