December 9, 1919

No. 1280


Dear Fr. Vladimir,


I didn’t have a chance to talk to Vladyka on the question that interests you: on the method of changing the church’s deed, as he is now (already for a second time) in Canada. Despite that, I am sure that the method that your Serbs suggest would be rather acceptable for both the Vladyka and the Mission, i.e., [the deed being issued in the names of] the parish and the Vladyka (without the Mission or its Economical Department [being mentioned]). In this manner, the church property will be secured for the Mission, and that’s all we need. In about 10 days, the Vladyka will be here, and we will process their proposal. But you may already tell the Serbs that their proposal is acceptable. Thus everything will end well.

Pardon me for not replying to your previous letters: too much work accumulated lately. How are things with you personally? Is it still possible to survive in S.-Francisco? There is almost universal misery here; everyone complains about the bad times and foresees even worse times in the future. It’s bad everywhere.

Please give my regards to your esteemed Wife. I wish I could came to California again: I love that country.

Be well. I wish you all the best. Greetings to Mr. Romanovsky when you see him.

Sincerely devotedly yours,


A. Kukulevsky