Feb. 13 [1920]


Your Grace,

My dear Master!


Thank you for your encouraging letters. Today I received your letter and picture which I forwarded as prescribed; it made children happy, especially a "robber" who began to jump for joy.

A few days ago I sent you a report on the confirmation of new trustees. Thanks be to God, they are getting organized. Thanks to the Serbs, they showed support, especially good is our Senior Warden Popovich (Serb), who possesses great command of self, carries himself with dignity, and they do attend to his voice; at the right moment he pacifies debates when they become exceedingly hot. He is the complete opposite of Gervany’s striker who is now kicking before Fr. Metrophanes, but he has chosen the wrong man.

You know what, Vladyko, for the sake of the salvation of the parish, do pacify them with regard to the parish property. The Serbs cannot digest the name of the M., who is listed as owner of the Cathedral. They disliked him a lot back then, during the past epoch. I convinced them that in accordance with the typical by-laws, confirmed by Archbishop Platon, the church property is registered in the name of the Diocesan Hierarch. But they would like to see the name of the Society being mentioned too, and the Vladyka, they say, can remain.

Please send the attached petition with your resolution; and even better -- promise them to come after Pascha and to resolve all these problems together. Because if you don’t answer them at all, everything will shatter into dust. It was already hard to assemble them together; and, what’s important, they remember old offenses, about which you can read from the attached excerpt from the liturgical journal.

At the meeting we collected $86, and it was decided to pay from this sum $50 to the bank as monthly interest -- after receiving your answer -- and in the future to pay accurately. They even wanted to establish a salary for me, but, again they will wait for "what the Vladyka has to say..." Thus, with your favorable resolution my welfare will be established too; at least they will assign me a little bit; and meanwhile we eat up our Montreal income. During all this time I have had only 2 funerals and 1 baptism, and Fr. Metrophanes writes that he baptized 10, and had 5 marriages and 3 funerals.

On what means do you, Vladyko, hope? May God help, perhaps the [All-American] Council will allocate a small sum for you; and we will send something to the Council; and Fr. Metrophanes has been elected a delegate from our deanery as he knows the situation in this area.

Recently we had an extraordinary meeting about the election of a bishop -- head of the Mission, and in the petitions it says who is desirable for the local colony.

Don’t stand upon ceremony, Vladyko, with priests-apostates, who trade their conscience for business. It was long overdue, and then others will be afraid. How are Frs. Sergius and John?

We always pray that God grant more strength to our beloved Archpastor.

Pray for us too.


Faithful to your Grace

Priest Vl. Sakovich

PS: The inquiry about the tickets should be addressed to Fr. Metrophanes; they had not arrived while I was there. The copy of the consul’s letter I sent to him in Montreal.