Orthodox Churches Recall Return of Icons

Priests from several Bay Area Eastern Orthodox Churches will join together Sunday at 7:30 p. m. at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. 999 Brotherhood Way, in a service to commemorate the Sunday of Orthodoxy.

The Sunday of Orthodoxy, which falls on the first Sunday of Lent, according to Eastern Orthodox tradition, marks the return of the use of icons, or sacred paintings, to the church by Empress Theodora in 843. Highlighting the service will be a solemn procession of Clergy carrying icons throughout the church.

The Very Rev. Fr. George Benigsen, Eastern Orthodox chaplain at the University of California, and formerly dean of Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral in San Francisco, will preach the sermon, "Glory in Humility."

Participating in the service with the Rev. Fr. Anthony Kosturos, pastor of the host church, will be the Very Rev. Fr. Roman Sturmer, present dean of the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral; the Very Rev. Fr. Mark, dean of St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral; the Rev. Fr. John Geranios, pastor of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church; the Rev. Fr. Fyodor Micka of Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral, all of San Francisco, and the Rev. Fr. Steven Katsaris, pastor of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church in Belmont.

English, Greek and Slavonic will be used in the service by the clergy. The English choir of the cathedral and the Holy Trinity choir will sing the responses.

San Francisco News Call Bulletin, Saturday, Mar. 13, 1965, p. 18 (Religion)