Tues., Nov. 18, 1975 S.F. Examiner


A Sakharov-S.F. talk on the Nobel


Soviet nuclear physicist Andrel Sakharov said in a transcontinental telephone call from Moscow yesterday that he is willing to go to Norway under guard to accept the Nobel Peace Prize.

Speaking from his apartment to newsmen and representatives of Amnesty International, Sakharov said:

"I can guarantee that there will be no leakage of military secrets and while in Oslo, let them (the Soviets) have an official guard.

Sakharov renewed his pledge not to defect.

Sakharov, recognized as the Soviet Unions most prominent civil rights spokesman, disclosed last week that his government had declined to issue him a visa to travel to Oslo because he possesses state secrets.

The Nobel ceremony is scheduled for Dec. 10.

Sakharov spoke by phone with dissident Soviet writer Victor Sokolov, who left the Soviet Union earlier this month to settle in the Bay Area, and Rochelle Finkelstein, representative of the Bay Area Council on Soviet Jewry.