‘Dear Citizen’


Dissident Loses Soviet Citizenship


Santa Cruz

A dissident Soviet author and civil rights activist currently teaching Russian at the University of California campus here said yesterday he has received a letter from the Soviet consulate in San Francisco that informs him that as of last September he is no longer a Soviet citizens.

"I do not merit such a high honor," 29-year-old Victor Sokolov declared in ironic tones, "but I will strive to."

Sokolov's citizenship was canceled by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, which deprived author Alexander Solzhenitsyn of his citizenship.

Sokolov was granted permission to leave Moscow a year ago, after his marriage there in June, 1975, to Barbara Wrahtz, then a UC Santa Cruz student on leave to work for the U.S. Embassy.

Both before and after leaving Russia, Sokolov wrote articles critical of Soviet civil rights attitudes for Russian-language periodicals in the West.

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The San Francisco Chronicle, November 20, 1976