On the Commemoration of Saints

Editor's Note: The following is extracted from the decisions of the Holy Synod of the Church of Russia, and is presented here for your information.

Decisions of the Holy Synod

At its session on 17th July 1997, chaired by the PATRIARCH, the Holy Synod

[heard the report of the liturgical commission]

VII. The commission considered some questions concerning the liturgical practice and made the following decisions:

1. To consider it desirable to observe the following order in mentioning the names of Russian saints in the prayers Save, O God... and O Merciful Master...: "... (insert) St. Michael, the first Metropolitan of Moscow; the First hierarchs of Moscow and All Russia - Peter, Alexis, Jonas, Macarius, Philip, Job, Hermogenes, and Tikhon; Metropolitans of Moscow - Philaret and Innocent; Bishops - (names of diocesan bishops follow)

RESOLVED: that the report be acknowledged and the services and the commemoration texts be recommended for usage in the Russian Orthodox Church.

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