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January 9, 1996 MEMO TO: The Hierarchs and Reverend Clergy of the OCA FROM: Protopresbyter Robert S. Kondratick

RE: Sanctity of Life Sunday

Following the resolution of the 9th All-American Council designating the Sunday on or before January 22nd as Sanctify of Life Sunday, please find below the petitions to be inserted into the litany of fervent supplication on Sunday, January 21, 1996:

Again we pray that You will grant to the people of this nation the will to do good, to flee from all evil, and to practice all righteousness, making us respectful of life and sharers of Your blessings, caring for one another in mercy and truth.

Again we pray that You will banish all evil from our hearts and wickedness from our laws enabling us to be servants of Your holy Will and performers of Your Love.

Again we pray that You will kindle in our hearts the will to care for the needy, to show kindness to the poor, to aid the homeless and to help the helpless.

The following prayer is to be read after the singing of "Blessed be the Name. . . " (2x) on Sunday, January 21, 1996.

LET US PRAY TO THE LORD: Lord have mercy.

O Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son, Who is in the bosom of the Father, True God, source of life and immortality, Light of Light, who has come into the world to enlighten it; You were pleased to be conceived in the womb of the Virgin Mary for the salvation of our souls by the power of Your All Holy Spirit; O Master, Who has come that we might have life more abundantly, we ask You to enlighten the minds and hearts of those blinded to the truth that life begins at conception, and that the unborn are already in the womb adorned with Your image and likeness; enable us to guard, cherish and protect the lives of all those who are unable to care for themselves; for You Yourself are the Bestower of Life, bringing each person from non-being into being; sealing each person with divine and infinite love. Be merciful, O Lord, to those who, through ignorance or willfulness, affront Your divine goodness and providence through the evil act of abortion. May they, and all of us, come to the light of Your Truth and glorify You, the Giver of Life, together with Your Father, and Your All Holy and Life-giving Spirit. AMEN!

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