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bptikhon His Grace, the Right Reverend TIKHON, Bishop of San Francisco and the West. Pentecost. June 2, 1996. Flanked by subdeacons Johann Morse and Kirill Sokolov.

revsokolov The Reverend Victor Sokolov, Rector of Holy Trinity Cathedral. Pentecost. June 2, 1996.

clergy The Reverend Victor Sokolov with Cathedral Subdeacons and Readers. Left to right: Reader Philip Sokolov; Reader Stephen Parent, Choir Director; Subdeacon Johann Morse; Priest Victor Sokolov; Sudeacon Kirill Sokolov; Subdeacon Peter Taibbi. Christmas. December 25, 1995.

iconostas-pentectost The Icon of the Great Feast of Pentecost. The Icon of the Temple from the iconostasis.

out-cathedral-1 Exterior of the Cathedral.
out-maindome Exterior view of the main dome.
1998.03.20.glagolev.jpg, 3.2K Archpriest Sergei Glagolev speaking at Holy Trinity Cathedral's Lenten Retreat. March 20, 1998.
1998.03.20.altarteam.jpg, 4.1K Holy Trinity Cathedral Altar Team. Photo taken on March 20, 1998.
1998.04.12.palmsunday.jpg, 3.2K Palm Sunday, April 12 1998, at Holy Trinity Cathedral.
1998.04.12.sundayschool.jpg, 2.8K The Sunday School children singing at the Palm Sunday Divine Liturgy. April 12, 1998.

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